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Fish Moths Control Stellenbosch

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Fishmoths Info

- Colour: silver or grey
- Appearance: tapered, tail-like, no wings with 2 antennae.
- Length: 10 - 12mm

Fish Moth eating clothing
General Facts

- They are also known as silverfish because of they fish like way they move.
- They do not bite and can not fly.
- They can cause damage to cloth and furniture.

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Affordable and Effective Fish Moths Control Stellenbosch

Fish moths thrive in cool, damp spaces but can survive in almost any climate. They are more common than you might think but because they are nocturnal creatures, they are hard to spot. These pesky little creatures aren’t picky eaters either. They’ll consume anything and everything in their way including clothing, wallpaper and books. If you suspect a fish moth infestation in your Stellenbosch home, start by looking in dark, damp spaces like garages and basements.

What Causes Fish Moths in the Home?

Fish moths are attracted to environments that make it easy to breed, thus, anywhere with water and food. Dark, damp areas such as under sinks and baths, or at the back of a dark cupboard will suit them perfectly. Fish moths will catch a ride into your home on books and paper so be careful about what you bring home, especially if the items were stored in damp conditions. Fish moths are not a sign of a dirty house.

What Do Fish Moths Eat?

Fish moths feed on carbohydrates, particularly starches and sugars. Glue in books, shampoo, cellulose, silk, linen and dead insects are on the list of their preferred food sources.

Are Fish Moths Dangerous?

While fish moths are far from dangerous, they can be a nuisance to Stellenbosch property owners. They damage valuable items by feeding on them when they infest a property. As a homeowner, you might notice markings and etch on your belongings or holes in materials. If your infestation is extensive, you may even notice faeces and small scales.

Fish Moths and Water Damage

Often, fish moths are a sign that there’s a bigger underlying problem. They need high levels of humidity and moisture to survive. So if they can infest your Stellenbosch home, chances are they’ve found a source of moisture somewhere. They find a way into your property through holes due to water damage that may be caused by blocked gutters, leaky pipes or even damage to your home’s foundation.

How to Get Rid of Fish Moths in Your Home

To get rid of fish moths in your Stellenbosch home, you have to act fast. Get in touch with a reputable pest control company like Pest Control Pros Stellenbosch to control your fish moth infestation. To ensure maximum success in ridding your Stellenbosch property of fish moths, we have come up with some steps you can take:

Keep Food Covered

As with any type of pest, food is a vital attraction. Always keep food containers covered and get rid of food particles swiftly to keep them away. Stick to the one or two main areas of eating or (if you have kids who walk around with food) systematically go through the house and remove open food sources.

Lower Humidity Levels

As we’ve mentioned before, fish moths love moisture. Keep them under control by reducing the humidity in your Stellenbosch property. Don’t neglect general home maintenance or consider buying a dehumidifier to draw moisture from the air. Regularly check for roof leaks, broken water pipes and blocked gutters. Also, seal up any cracks you may find in the walls.

Declutter Your Living Space

Keep your clutter under control to ensure you’re not providing a thriving environment for fish moths. Minimise the amount of paper around the house, especially books and magazines left in damp areas such as the kitchen or bathroom.

Key Steps to Getting Rid of Fish Moths Fast:

  • Throw out old newspapers and magazines.
  • Don’t leave any food out or open.
  • Deal with excess moisture by using a dehumidifier.

Tips: Prevent Fish Moths Stellenbosch

Fish moths might be feisty little creatures but they are no match for our top preventative and control measures. Here’s what you can do to safeguard your Stellenbosch home from an infestation:

  • Keep all dry food in your cupboards free of moisture by sealing them in airtight containers.
  • Dust your home regularly. This will keep fish moths away from potential food sources.
  • Eliminate items with an adhesive like cardboard boxes, stacks of paper or other items fish moths are attracted to from your property.
  • Store clothes in-between seasons in a dry environment.
  • Clean up any food crumbs and messes after every meal with a vacuum cleaner. This will also allow you to suck up fish moth eggs and prevent them from multiplying and reproducing.
  • Use caulking to cover up holes, cracks and other openings to keep fish moths out and stop them from laying eggs.
  • Invest in a dehumidifier if you live somewhere with a humid climate.
  • Increase ventilation in rooms that tend to get hot and moist (kitchens and bathrooms) by opening doors and windows. Alternatively, a fan can be turned on to control and reduce dampness in the air.
  • Clear the perimeter of your home of leaves, dead plants, wood and other damp debris.

Choose the Pest Control Pros Stellenbosch for Your Pest Control Needs

So you want to get a fish moth infestation under control? The only efficient way to rid your Stellenbosch property of an infestation is through the use of a reputable pest control company. Pest Control Pros Stellenbosch provides quality service to residents of Stellenbosch and surrounds. Fish moths and other moisture-loving pests survive in areas that are challenging to get to but our registered and trained technicians can track them down and get rid of them using innovative and eco-friendly pest control treatment methods. We have what it takes to get your infestation under control and will assist to the best of our abilities.

A thorough inspection by our registered and knowledgeable pest control technicians might also give you an idea as to where the moisture originates from so you can fix it. Get rid of fish moths and all other pests by calling the Pest Control Pros in Stellenbosch today!

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